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Somaliland Government launches a fund to fight COVID-19…


Hargeysa ( PP News Desk ) — The President of Somaliland Government Muse Bihi Abdi launched today a Fund to combat Covid-19 in Somaliland. President Bihi publicised the Fund in a tweet.

Somaliland Government will commit 3 million Dollars to the Fund.  The Government of Somaliland expects international donors and businesess to pitch in.

President Bihi has come under fire for not taking the threat of Covid-19 seriously. The former Somaliland Minister for Interior Mohammed Abdi Gabose faulted Somaliland Government for not banning importation of Khat from Ethiopia. Khat is viewed as a main source of of transmission for Covud-19.

Khat chewing is a form of socialising for Somali men.  Unless antibacterial soap is used to wash a bundle of Khat there is a fear that the leaves of the plant can host deadly microorganisms.

Through Covid-19 Fund the Somaliland Government will support poorly equipped hospitals in Somaliland to cope with possible increase   of the number of people affected by Covid-19.

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